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Mount Everest Facts for kids

Mount Everest Facts for Kids

About Mount Everest Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak measuring just over 29,000 feet in height. In Nepal it is called Sagarmatha Mount Everest...
George Washington Facts for kids.

George Washington Facts for Kids

Who was George Washington? George Washington (1732 - 1799) was a statesman, brave military general, charismatic political leader, and above all, a true American patriot.  He...
Lincoln Memorial Facts for kids

Lincoln Memorial Facts for Kids

Lincoln memorial facts for kids brings about some of the most interesting facts about this famous historical monument in the United States. Now let’s...
Bill Gates Facts for kids

Bill Gates Facts for Kids 

Who is Bill Gates? William Henry Gates III is one of the earliest entrepreneurs who have brought revolution to the personal computers.  He is better...
golden gate bridge facts for kids

Golden Gate Bridge Facts for Kids

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is the American icon that speaks pretty high of its symbolic power. It really is an...
arctic ocean facts for kids

Arctic Ocean Facts for Kids

What is Arctic Ocean? The Arctic Ocean isn’t only the world’s smallest ocean, it actually lies at the top of the world—North Pole. Compared to...


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