Golden Gate Bridge Facts for Kids – Second Longest Suspension Bridge

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the American icon that speaks pretty high of its symbolic power. It really is an architectural triumph spanning 3 miles in length that stands in its natural setting despite its high towers and suspended arcs. The bridge that links Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay is probably the most familiar American landmark together with the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The Golden Gate Bridge is also the most photographed bridge in the world. It’s now time to discover many more amazing golden gate bridge facts for kids.

golden gate bridge facts for kids
A magnificent view of the second longest suspension bridge in the United States of America. Golden Gate Bridge Facts for kids. Photo by: Huffington Post

Golden Gate Bridge Facts for Kids

Golden Gate Bridge History

  • People used to travel on boats to move across the San Francisco Bay before the golden gate was built.
  • The ferry service was introduced in 1820 to transport water to the citizens of San Francisco.
  • The American government had launched the Sausalito Land and Ferry Company back in 1867. By the next 60 years, the company had turned out to be the world’s biggest ferry company.
  • The then engineers weren’t really in favor of building of the bridge for they believed that the strait between the San Francisco and Marin County was way too long measuring up to 6,700 feet. Besides, the bridge could barely stand on such deep water with wild currents.
  • James Watkins had first proposed the idea of a Golden Gate in 1916 Bulletin. He estimated the cost of the bridge at $100 million.
  • Local authorities began establishing their belief in building the suspension bridge. In those times, the advancement made in metallurgy made it rather probable.
  • The first meeting for constructing the golden gate was held in May 1924. The meeting was chaired by Colonel Herbert Deakyne. They also approved the land for the bridge during this meeting.
  • M. O’Shaughnessy, a city engineer, was the first person who used the word golden gate in 1917.
  • The golden gate bridge was recognized as the California’s Historical Landmark on June 18, 1987.
  • On May 21, 1999 it was designated as the San Francisco Landmark.

Golden Gate Bridge Construction

  • The construction had begun on January 5, 1933.
  • The total cost estimated at $35 million (it would have been $493 million now).
  • McClintic-Marshall Construction Co. was going to carry out the entire construction of the golden gate bridge.
  • Strauss was going to head the construction project,
  • About 11 ironworkers were killed on February 17, 1937 during construction.
  • The constructors had used as many as 1.2 million steel rivets that hold the bridge together.
  • The entire construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was finished on May 27, 1937.
  • Jack Balestreri died in April 2012 and he was the last of the recognized constructors who originally took part in building the bridge.
Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids
The Bridge seems to be lost in a heavy foggy morning. Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

Golden Gate Bridge Design

  • Strauss had the overall responsibility for not only constructing but also designing the bridge. However, he didn’t have pretty much experience in designing suspended bridges so he left designing to the others.
  • Leon Moiseiff actually designed the golden gate bridge. Just to let you know that he also designed the Manhattan Bridge.
  • Irving Morrow, an architect, also designed a few things such as lighting. walkways, and tower lights.
  • As a part of the design, they also proposed the orange color of the bridge. The U.S. Navy was however in favor of black and yellow color in order to make it visible to the ships traveling at night.

When was the Golden Gate Bridge Opened?

  • The golden gate bridge was opened for the first time on May 27, 1937; the celebrations lasted for as long as 7 good days.
  • However the vehicle traffic wasn’t allowed straightaway as the bridge authorities encouraged people to cross it on foot. About 200,000 people walked across the golden gate bridge.
  • The President Roosevelt had officially allowed the traffic vehicles on the bridge by pushing the signal button in Washington.
  • On the 50th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, it was closed for automobiles. As many as 750,000 to 1,000,000 had participated in the celebrations.
  • Strauss, a chief engineer, also wrote a poem The Mighty Task is Done on the opening ceremony of the golden gate bridge in 1937.
Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.
The International Orange color of the bridge blends perfectly with the background. San Francisco is at the background. Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

Golden Gate Bridge Characteristics

  • The golden gate bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge till 1964. Currently, it is the second longest bridge in the United States.
  • The length of the bridge is about 8,981 feet (2,737 meters). The total length of the suspension is about 4,200 feet.
  • The bridge is 220 feet (67 meters) high from the water. The towers are however 746 feet above the water.
  • The golden gate bridge was thought to be the tallest suspension bridge in the world till 1993. Still it’s the tallest bridge in America.
  • There are 250 suspender ropes that have lifted the entire roadway.
  • Each golden gate bridge’s cable is made up of 27,572 strands of wires.
  • The overall length of the cables is about 80,000 miles (130,000 kilometers).
  • There are 1,200,000 steel rivets used in the golden gate bridge.
  • According to the figures takes on January 2014, about 2,025,883,491 automobiles have crossed the golden gate bridge since 1937.

How Long is the Golden Gate Bridge in Miles?

  • The total length of the bridge is about 1.701 mile.

Where is the Golden Gate Bridge Located?

  • The golden gate bridge is located in San Francisco, California, United States of America.
  • It provides a link between the San Francisco Bay and County of Marin.
Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.
The Northern Tower of the Bridge. Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

Movies on the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The Rock (1996)
  • Boys & Girls (2000)
  • The Core (2003)
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009)
  • Going the Distance (2010)
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

When was the Golden Gate Bridge Built?

  • It took only 4 years to build the longest suspension bridge then.
  • The construction had begun on January 5, 1933 and ended on May 28, 1937.

How Tall is the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • While the sea clearance above the water is about 220 feet (67 m) the bridge’s towers are 746 feet (227 m) tall.

Why is the Golden Gate Bridge Red?

  • The golden gate bridge isn’t actually red; it’s an International Orange in color.
  • Irving Morrow chose the International Orange because he thought it would blend with the natural settings as well as warm colors of the land masses.
  • Sherwin Williams has mainly supplied the orange paint.

Golden Gate Bridge Poem (1937)

Strauss, a chief engineer, wrote this poem on the day of golden gate bridge opening. Here are the first two stanzas:

I am the thing that men denied,

The right to be, the urge to live;

And I am that which men defied,

Yet I ask naught for what I give.


My arms are flung across the deep,

Into the clouds my towers soar,

And where the waters never sleep,

I guard the California shore.

Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

A view from below. Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

How Many People Died making the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • Eleven people died in the construction of the bridge.
  • Until in February 17, 1937, the construction was about to set a new record because only one worker died at that time however later 12 constructors fell off the net; only one survived.
  • The names of the deceased workers are William Bass, Terence Hallinan, O. A. Anderson, Louis Russell, Chris Anderson, Jack Norma, Fed Dummatzen, Eldridge Hillen, O. Desper, and Charles Lindros,
  • The engineers had also built the safety net right under the bridge which ran from one end all the way to the other. It saved the lives of 19 co-workers which is why it had earned the name of Halfway-to-Hell Club.

How Big is the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • The golden gate is a pretty big bridge spanning nearly 9,000 feet in length.
  • The bridge’s road has six lanes in it.
  • It is made of steel.
  • The longest span of the bridge is 4,200 feet (1,280.2 m).
  • The clearance of the road is about 14 feet (4.3 meters) high that means trucks cannot pass.
  • It has a width of about 90 feet (27.4 meters).

Golden Gate Bridge Coordinates

  • 37°49°11°N 122°28°43°W

Golden Gate Bridge Map

Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

How Much Does the Golden Gate Bridge Weigh?

  • The mammoth-sized suspension bridge weighs as much as 887,000 tons.

Who Made the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • Charles Alton Ellis, the chief constructor; and Irving Morrow, a designer an architect, made the golden gate bridge.

Why is it called the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • The reason why it is called as such is that bridge is built on a Golden Gate Strait which was thought to be the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. That’s how the golden gate bridge got its name.
  • The length of the Strait is about 3 miles.

Where to Park to Walk the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • The parking to the gate bridge is absolutely free. You can drive north to Sausalito for parking.
  • The bikers and pedestrians must are required to take the eastern side of the bridge.

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